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Our revolutionary, customized digital signs and displays are perhaps the most exciting and engaging way you can tell your story and invite your customers into your world. Concept, design, sourcing, and installation— let us handle every detail to make your message come to life!

On this page you’ll find the following information:

Think outside the screen.

  • Engage viewers through their mobile device
  • Interactive, on-site signage
  • Seamless storefront window signs & touchscreens
  • Large-scale projected video walls
  • Wayfinders and directories
  • Self-serve touch screens

Original Fire sources the hardware, designs the package, and employs door-to-door technical know-how to create a world-class digital display.

A digital sign to-go… Whaaaa?

Innovative ideas to engage your audience.

Check out some of our past installations to inspire your next project.

Content Creation & Management

To make sure your digital sign looks amazing we provide professional graphic design, photography and video services.

We look at each project as a blank canvas and explore ways to make your content stand apart. We work directly with you to make sure you brand is on point, the message is clear, and make updates quick and easy.

We can work with existing sign management software, basic flash drive slideshows or build a simple but powerful web based interface that can be updated remotely. We also have our own in-house built multi-screen management software for larger facilities with many screens.

Even if you have digital screens in place, we can enhance the visuals for the best user experience.

Comprehensive Digital Sign Services

Location Survey

We'll assess the location and make recommendations on sizing and hardware to optimize viewability and interactivity.

Proposal & Mockup

A detailed outline of all aspects of the project.

  • Content creation & delivery
  • Hardware specifications
  • Mock up or rendering
  • Installation details
  • Cost overview
  • Deployment plan

Content Creation

We work directly with you to make sure you brand is on point, the message is clear, and make updates quick and easy.

Hardware Purchase & Setup

Once the budget is approved we'll purchase the hardware and inspect it upon delivery. We make sure each unit is setup and configured for your requirements. We test all components of  the signage prior to installation to ensure a successful deployment.


We work onsite with qualified tradespeople to ensure proper electrical and installation codes are met.

Ongoing Support & Updates

Once the digital signage is onsite and operational we provide training and insight to the overall workings. We're available for any future content updates or hardware troubleshooting when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial grade digital signs are built more robust to withstand hot, cold, steamy, or dusty environments. They can also be up to 8 times brighter and rated for 24/7/365 use. Digital Signs often come with additional software to manage and customize your content. Newer models include an eco mode with power saving settings. This can include on/off timers, and auto brightness adjustments.

A consumer grade TV or screen is built for in-home use and conditions. Generally rated for 4 – 8 hours of use a day and usually warranted for a shorter lifespan.

Yes. The difference is that Digital Signs can run longer, brighter and can offer software to manage your content.

Note: Most consumer grade TV screens aren’t warrantied for vertical or portrait orientation.

No, we do not charge monthly fees unless there is a reoccurring service requested or specified in our proposal. All ongoing maintenance is billed as requested.

Yes, we offer a web based options where you can update prices, descriptions, images and more. We also offer a custom built multi-screen management system for larger facilities.

Yes. Even if you have digital screens in place, we can enhance the visuals for the best user experience.

We take into account the users distance from the screen to ensure maximum impact.

If you’re looking to manage the content yourself, we can add a computer module which can make this possible.

Yes. If needed we hire electricians or professional tradespeople to ensure everything is up to code.

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